579042_520437914665255_1978495673_nSharon Baker is the founder and Executive Director of Prettiest Pearls organization. She is the wife of Rodney Baker and the mother of three beautiful children. She has been employed with United airlines for 29 years. Her church affiliation is with Loving Word Fellowship Church under the leadership of Dr. Paul D. Landrew, Senior Pastor / Teacher. Sharon served as the proud facilitator of the Young Ladies for Christ for 18 years and has the unique ability to connect to girls from all walks of life. Her point of passion is to help all school age girls develop their self-esteem and self-worth. She encourages them to access the tools necessary to acknowledge the transformation that will help them realize their full potential. Unless knowledge, experience, wisdom and information is shared, they fall short of their intended purpose. Sharon states “our girls are our most natural resource, they are our future.” She whole-heartedly feels that the strongest evidence of love is sacrifice.

Prettiest Pearls is an organization designed to assist young ladies to enhance and enrich their lives. The primary goal is to achieve positive results from any challenges or situations that may arise in their lives. We strongly believe that 90% of how you react to adversity will determine the success of the outcome. Prettiest Pearls implements the fact, “Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance”, in every area of their existence. Girls are taught skills that are used with practical application with a faith-based empowerment.

  • A Prettiest Pearls has Potential
  • A Prettiest Pearls has Endurance
  • A Prettiest Pearls are Available for growth in all areas
  • A Prettiest Pearls promotes Reliability because her word is her bond
  • A Prettiest Pearls shows Love because it is the greatest gift
  • A Prettiest Pearls displays her Self-worth because she was created by the original maker