When I went to the conference I enjoyed the catering, dance class and the conference classes on Sat. morning. My favorite was the Self-Esteem class. I was taught a valuable lesson. I learned that it don’t matter what others think about you. I also learned not to put other people or yourself down. It only matters what God thinks about you. I learned not hurt anyone physically or verbally. Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

At the girls Conference I learned about many things. ( Self-esteem, how to act like a young lady and about the female body) Self-esteem is how you feel about yourself and knowing your self-worth. You should never feel unpleasant or doubt yourself. God gave you everything you have. The things that other people have weren’t meant for you. God blessed you in his own special way. Being a young lady means to keep yourself neat, be mannerable and respect others and yourself. Being an African American woman puts you in a position where you have to go the extra mile to prove yourself. People expect most African Americans to be the opposite but we must always prove them wrong. As a female we are special and God created us different from males. We must strive to take care of ourselves.

The Prettiest Pearls Girls’ Conference was a phenomenal experience. It was amazing to see so many young girls come together for a positive purpose. The girls were so eager to participate and learn from the teachers and speakers. The topics covered vast subjects concerning inner and outer beauty. Mrs. Baker and her staff did an excellent job planning this conference, and I definitely look forward to next year’s conference.
– Ebony Towns 

I had a lot of fun and I learned how to respect others and myself. I am excited for next year!!
– Saniya Scott-, 6 years old

When I attended the Prettiest Pearl Conference, I went there to do manicures, showing the young ladies how important and well groom to keep your hands nice and pretty. It touch my heart and soul to see these young ladies learn how precious they are with GOD in their life. There was tears of joy, fun and happiness. The Spirit of GOD was in the air, the Love of GOD was in the place. You could see the Love these young ladies had with each other. The atmosphere was pleasant, warm, friendly, encouraging and most of all Spiritual. I am so excited to attend next year.
– Sandra Reese

“This conference sets the building blocks necessary to lay a firm foundation for how to be a young lady. It will groom a young girl into being the best person she can be. She will learn that her voice matters and that God has given her a unique beauty that he has not given to another. The adolescents that attended this conference had a lot of fun and did a lot of soul searching. It was my honor and pleasure to take part in such a dynamic experience that even adult women can learn from. I can’t wait to attend next year!”
– Angie N. Moore: Esq